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Senior Healthcare

While prevention of disease and illness is optimal care, the fact is, as we age so do our bodies. It is important that older patients have regular check-ups to monitor medications, chronic illness and those niggling aches and pains. We offer a continuity of care to our ageing patients both in the surgery and regular visits to nursing homes.

Seasonal influenza vaccinations are available annual for free for people who are 65yrs and over. The seasonal vaccine can vary each year and it is recommended that people stay up to date by having it annually.  The vaccination is generally available in early autumn. The Pneumonia vaccine is also indicated for people who are over 65 and is now given as a once off dose - although some people with underlying chronic conditions may need a booster vaccine 5 yrs after their first dose.

Our Doctors can organise a visit to your home by your pharmacist who can help sort out medication confusion or duplication and ensure that older people are taking their medication effectively and safely