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Scuba Diving Medicals

Dr David Poland has an interest in medical assessment related to underwater diving.

Please call the practice on 6299 6990 to book with Dr Poland and our practice nurse for annual recreational diving medical assessments.

Click here to download the South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society form to complete prior to your appointment.

Please complete all questions prior to your appointment and hand this to staff upon arrival at the Centre.

Please note that patients with a past history of asthma or other conditions which may prevent them from receiving medical treatment may need to be referred to a specialist for further certification.

Your appointment will ordinarily begin with a 30 minute audiogram with the nurse, and may also require a lung function test. Following this, you will be seen by a Dr Poland, who may also order other investigations such as Chest X-Rays. Overall, please allow an hour and half for your visit.

Please note the following age recommendations.

  • <14 Never permitted to undertake a diving medical
  • 14-16 Caution – Parent must be present
  • 16-18 Prefer parent to be present
  • >18 No specific comment
  • >45 If you have never previously dived this will require careful consideration prior to your diving medical assessment.