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Child health

Our practitioners are able to manage all common childhood health issues.  They can provide nutritional advice (including breastfeeding advice), immunisations and assessment of growth and development.

They are able to assess and provide management advice on issues such as bed wetting and delayed toilet training and behavior problems.

If your child has an allergy or you think your child has an allergy, our doctors and dietician can make an assessment and provide tailored advice and management.

Childhood immunistaion is an important part of the childs overall health. Many diseases are now vaccine preventable, and vaccines are a safe effective method of protecting your child from such diseases. The current NSW vaccine schedule means that children are vaccinated from as young as 6 weeks and complete their ‘childhood immunisations’ by age 4. In this time frame more than 12 diseases are covered by vaccination. Please book a 30 minute appointment with our Practice Nurse for discussion and delivery of childhood vaccinations.